Control and Management

IT services are crucial to the performance of company business functions. That is why it’s extremely important to effectively manage and control the operations of all IT system components – from infrastructure to applications.

The goal is stable performance of every individual component, which means that you need to be able to discover downtime or performance degradation as soon as possible and act. We also steer you towards centralized IT system management to minimize the scope of recurring tasks and reduce the possibility of human error.

Using effective control and management systems contributes to more effective problem resolution (reactive activities). On the other hand, taking the provided information about past performance and using algorithms that can predict future (performance) issues, you can take a more proactive approach to IT system management.


IT System Management and Control

Proactive IT system management and control, elimination of bottlenecks and improved system performance and user satisfaction.

The IT system management and control solution is designed to help you monitor key IT environment systems and their parameters. The implementation results in improved insight into IT services, improved service management as well as improved availability and responsiveness of the most important business services delivered by IT. Proactive control over components facilitates the discovery of bottlenecks and enables you to eliminate potential issues before they even occur.

The goal of the implementation is to ensure centralized and balanced management of the key components in your IT environment. It results in deeper insight into IT services to improve service management and availability and responsiveness of the most important business services delivered by IT. The business goals of implementing a management system that customers are looking to realize by deploying a comprehensive system for managing server and other infrastructure can be summed up as:

  • Improved transparency, availability and responsiveness of key IT services
  • Implementation of a consolidated architecture of systems for managing and controlling the IT environment
  • Proactive management of system parameters, discovery of bottlenecks and detection of potential issues and problems
  • Monitoring IT services and ensuring high levels of delivery
  • Reduced costs of IT management and maintenance
  • Monitoring ensures improved security
  • Automation of specific administrator activities
  • Excellent responsiveness in the event of downtime or limited functionalities

Comprehensive IT system control

Management is not limited to the IT system and includes control over resources, applications and services.

Comprehensive management

Manage your server and other infrastructure.

Deployment scalability and flexibility

Save resources using only the needed capacity. With the ability to scale up automatically.

Cost reduction

Reduced costs related to IT management and maintenance.

Application and Service Management

The application and service management solution is an extension of the IT system management solution. It focuses on controlling selected services and related underlying applications and systems.

Application and service management solutions are focused on managing business or process-critical services and related applications, underlying IT systems and resources. It helps you adopt a business view of your IT environment to measure SLAs of individual services or applications that are supported by IT. You gain insight into the current health and history of individual services as well as the performance of individual components. Of course, the basis for managing services is a defined service catalogue with its business logic that is supported by the management system.


  • Comprehensive insight into the health of services and underlying applications and IT resources
  • SLA metrics
  • Warning when a service experiences downtime or degraded performance
  • Colour-coded (red, yellow, green) insight into the health of monitored services
  • Historical data
  • Reports (predesigned or custom)

Business focus

Focus on the management of business services.

Colour-coded view

Colour-coded overview of whether a service is operational (traffic light).

Comprehensive insight into service health and performance

Granular view of everything from the service to the application, from the IT system to the IT resource.

Comprehensive insight into service health

Beyond service health, you can view performance and historical data.

Application and Network Performance Management

Solutions for monitoring application and network performance enable you to quickly identify the reason behind poor responsiveness of the IT system and fix any problems.

In contrast to traditional management systems, solutions for monitoring application and network performance do not just tell you whether a system is up or not but also how well they perform. By analysing network behaviour, you can pinpoint the reason for the degradation in IT system performance.

The changed behaviour of an IT system can be the result of changed network conditions (additional workload that might be a consequence of regular work, configuration errors or hacking attacks) or server infrastructure problems or application failures. These solutions make it possible to troubleshoot problems quickly and fix them effectively.

They are particularly useful in the environments with a large number of remote locations that rely on centralized IT resources located at the company headquarters. In this scenario, workers rely on fast and reliable connections and responsive server farms and applications.

Historical data reveals the trends of IT resource utilization to help you plan increases in capacity easily and effectively.

Last but not least, you can analyse network performance and traffic to quickly and easily find out whether your system is under attack, which is why these solutions represent the basis for compliance with GDPR and other regulations, particularly for critical IT infrastructure (e.g. SCADA, etc.).

Troubleshooting IT system performance degradation

By analysing network behaviour, you can pinpoint the reason for degradation of IT system performance. (max 15 besed)

Effective planning of future needs

Historical data about IT resource utilization helps you estimate future capacity needs easily and more accurately.

Detect abuse quickly

By analysing network performance and traffic you can detect abuse quickly and easily.

Regulatory compliance

The solution complies with regulations, such as SCADA and GDPR.

Identity Management

Automated and controlled management of users, their identity and access.

Identity management (IDM) and access management (IAM) are among the key solutions required to deploy automated and controlled management of users and their permissions to access individual IT resources.

Identity management solutions automate and streamline username management across the entire e-business infrastructure. Centrally manage the entire lifecycle of user identities (creating a username and password, assigning permissions, changes, disabling accounts). This significantly reduces administrative costs and ensures that security policies are consistently applied across the entire organization. Solution benefits include security, automation and policy-based management of user roles, identities and access rights that make up a heterogenous company environment. Users can use a single username and password across the entire IT system. Passwords can be changed across all resources simultaneously and the change can be performed directly from the user system. If a user loses their password, they can request to change all passwords in the system by correctly answering a series of questions.

The solution for simple and centralized identity management that supports single sign-on significantly reduces administration costs and improves control, security and availability of the IT system. This helps you ensure consistent enforcement of your security policies across your organization.

Support for a broad range of resources and applications

Automated creation of user identities across a broad range of resources and applications.

Scalability and flexibility

Deploy the solution into any environment, regardless of its size or complexity.

Key solution for improving IT security

By deploying this solution, you ensure that users can only access the systems for which they have permission.

Save time and prevent errors

The automated solution assigns, changes or revokes access in a fraction of a second, keeps an audit trail and removes the possibility for human error.

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