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Many people in the business world think brains and brawn are what really count. At S&T, we are convinced that heart and passion are also needed. Our employees show true commitment to their work and find meaning in the tasks assigned to them. Only those who accept challenges with honest enthusiasm and dedication will be able to ensure long-term profits and success.


To implement the most suitable solution, you need a solid foundation. Make your IT infrastructure efficient and flexible enough to respond to a variety of business requirements in the shortest time. With rich experience and a wide range of certificates from the largest manufacturers, we provide you with optimal and independent solutions tailored to address your business needs.


Doing the right things and doing things right is our way of doing business. We strive for a responsible and rational approach to the services we provide to our clients. We try to anticipate your needs proactively and provide you with professional advice, which enables your further growth and development. Unpredictable situations are solved with a quick response and a professional approach.


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Our values are the foundation of our success. They reflect our behavior within the company and work as our commitment to customers. Our values live in us and in our relation to you.

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