20.05.2008 | Austria

S&T sherben te gjitha restorantet Pizza Hut ne Poloni

Contract running for the last 15 years has been extended

S&T Poland’s 12 branch offices provide services, which include the maintenance of computers, servers, monitors, printers, cash boxes and software, in the 17 Polish cities where AmRest owned Pizza Hut restaurants are located. According to Przemysław Poppe, IT Director at AmRest, the IT service requirements within the restaurant chain are extremely high: “Our restaurants are open and operational from early in the morning until late at night, including weekends. Customers are served throughout the day, requiring the issuing and printing of till receipts as well as the execution of transactions. Our service partner must therefore provide maintenance for the computing equipment, manage the installation and continuous operation of software programs and efficiently implement updates and improvements without interrupting business operations. In essence, S&T’s specialists have been ensuring this level of service since the early 1990s, when the Pizza Hut brand was launched in Poland.“

High Level of Quality

Christian Rosner, CEO of S&T: “The ongoing 15 year business relationship verifies the first class quality of the S&T service network: only mutually beneficial relationships can be maintained over such long periods, a fact which applies to the highly competitive IT industry equally. Good communication with our customers, maintained by our efficient national network of S&T branch offices via the Internet and using modern communications techniques, allows us to adhere to very strict quality control agreements.“ S&T’s service technicians cater not just for the continuous maintenance of hardware and software, but also train the AmRest-Restaurants IT staff, support the introduction of new solutions and provide advice and guidance on the selection of new equipment and software. Furthermore, S&T’s specialists possess all the necessary hardware and software provider certificates and licences required by the Pizza Hut restaurants.