22.04.2008 | Serbia

S&T Serbia siguron te dhenat e Postal Savings Bank

Data recovery in record time after disruptions

The Serbian Postal Savings Bank (Banka Postanska stedionica a.d.), established in 1921, is today the leading bank in Serbia, with every second Serbian included in its 1.7 million residential and 4500 business customers concluding their financial transactions through the bank. The bank engages 1400 employees and has a nationwide network of 4 subsidiaries and 27 branch offices. The bank's head office is in Belgrade. The Postal Savings Bank handles more than 300,000 transactions daily.
“Our clients trust us to secure their data comprehensively. Just a partial loss of data would be seriously damaging for us and could even result in the loss of our clients. S&T has already successfully completed a number of projects for us and was therefore also given the task of planning and implementing our ‘Disaster Recovery’ solution”, says Gordana Arsenijević, project leader in the Banka Postanska stedionica.

Conversion during everyday operations

S&T Serbia implemented its solution, tailored for the Postal Savings Bank, under normal operating conditions – without restricting the bank’s day-to-day business. Each implementation phase was tested extensively and optimizations were carried out on the basis of these tests. Complex, networked applications were migrated and integrated into the system. The solution designed for flexibility covers a wide range of potential disruption scenarios and contains a well thought-out back-up and archiving strategy for the bank's data.

“S&T Serbia has many years' experience with such complex projects, serving our clients in the financial sector, and has earned the trust of several Serbian banks. In addition, ‘Disaster Recovery’ is a focal point in S&T's infrastructure business, which is spearheaded by a competence centre in Ljubljana”, explains Christian Rosner, CEO of S&T.

Data recovery in record time

The Postal Savings Bank’s ‘Disaster Recovery System’ is based on IBM solutions for data security and encompasses the bank’s entire information system. The system is mirrored with two FAST4700 Express Storages – one for the production server, the other for stand-by operations. Data is replicated remotely and online from one Storage System to the other. On the one hand, this ensures round-the-clock data integrity, data security and data availability.

On the other hand, data can be restored within minutes in the event of an emergency, and business operations can continue seamlessly. The intrinsic ‘single points of failure’ present before system conversion have been eliminated and data processing speed has been significantly increased. In addition, operations control and maintenance is now simpler and more cost-effective.

S&T in Serbia

S&T has been active in the Serbian market since 1996. The company currently has around 100 employees and, in addition to the Postal Savings Bank, it provides support services for the National Bank, the Alpha Bank and Findomestic Bank as well as Telekom Srbija, Telenor, the Serbian government, Soyaprotein, Lukoil and Direct Trade.