11.03.2008 |

S&T: Rezultatet e Virtualizimit ne kosto perfitimi domethenese

Over 100 successful virtualization projects completed

“Virtualization projects facilitate rapid and sustainable cost reductions,” explains Christian Rosner, CEO of S&T, “because servers are often not being used to capacity. Then there are hardware costs, human resources overheads for systems maintenance, not to mention rent for facilities, energy costs and cooling systems. Virtual solutions achieve more productivity and flexibility, in order to react to changes in market conditions.”

According to analysts*, companies around the globe wasted over 140 billion dollars in the past year for unused server capacity. “Companies tend to opt for virtualization when operating costs are equivalent to around 70 percent of the total costs of ownership of the corresponding IT infrastructure,” says Christian Rosner. According to a study of European companies by the market research institute, Coleman Parks, increased investment in virtualization projects over the next two years will correct the current situation. 88 percent of surveyed European companies anticipate increased investment in server virtualization.

Market leader provides specialist services

With experience in over 100 successfully completed virtualization projects – in Austria alone – for companies and organizations in the public, energy, manufacturing, banking and insurance sectors, S&T has demonstrated its specialist knowledge and cemented its position as a market leader for virtualization services in the DACH region as well as Central and Eastern Europe. The scale is determined by the task at hand:

For ORF, the largest national media company, S&T Austria virtualized and consolidated 100 servers into just six during the past year. For another Austrian company, Energie AG Austria, S&T virtualized 140 servers in three coordinated phases – the contract was worth around 400,000 euros. S&T also successfully implemented smaller-scale virtualization projects for food and produce manufacturer, Vitana, in the Czech Republic and footwear brand, Leder&Schuh, which also has a presence in Germany. Georg Komornyik, General Manager for the DACH region: “A few months ago, VmWare virtual infrastructure was certified by SAP. This means that customers can now extend the advantages of virtualization to their business critical solutions.”

Scaleable and secure server infrastructure

“Virtualization of a company’s server infrastructure leads to faster provisioning as well as lower hardware and energy costs for data processing centers,” explains Christian Rosner. The demand for virtualization of server infrastructure is driven by ever-increasing processing power. This results in a drastic rise in operating and maintenance costs for a company’s data processing centers. Through virtualization, S&T is able to make a company’s global IT infrastructure more scalable, secure and manageable. S&T provides these specialist services in all 22 countries in which the group is active.

Virtualization skills on offer throughout the S&T Group

In addition to the expertise which S&T is able to offer in individual countries, the company is also promoting virtualization at its Customer Concept Center in Bucharest. This Competence Center provides consulting services and implementation support to S&T customers from any country of the group. Workshop installations of all the relevant types of virtualization technology are used to show interested customers the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. Solutions can then be devised to meet individual customer requirements. More information about the details of the Customer Concept Center you can find under www.snt-world.com/ccc

* Wafa Moussavi-Amin, Analyst and General Manager of IDC Europe.