Aerospace & Defense

The list of installations and equipment and related tasks is endless. In addition to this enormous variety, a demand made of IS/IT support, regardless of the equipment or process employed, is that of utmost flexibility. The requirements made will usually exceed by far the demands and complexity found in “ordinary” industrial enterprises. Accordingly, processes and the organizational structure are extensive to ensure that the entire military machine is capable of functioning effectively and efficiently.

Due to its long years of continuous consulting experience with armies and suppliers, the S&T doughter The Information Management Group (IMG) has garnered extremely profound process know-how in the aerospace & defense industry.

The services offered by IMG as a consulting partner in the Aerospace & Defense context speak for themselves:

  • Methods for process-oriented introduction of standard software such as PROMET, ASAP, valueSAP, and ARIS, proven during long years of practical application
  • Comprehensive knowledge of German army and supplier industry procurement and maintenance operations
  • IMG develops flexible organizational and system structures that are capable of adapting to constantly changing organizational structures
  • IMG is an SAP development partner for the Strategic Development Project (SDP)
The responsibilities and structures of modern armed forces are subject to constant change. Spontaneous deployment in the globe’s hot spots, fighting terrorism, supporting NATO allies or, increasingly, deployment to cope with disasters such as floods, storms or fires are only a small part of the wealth of activities tackled by the 21st century’s armed forces. This requirement can only be met by relying on modern IT systems.

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